Game Changers

How on earth were we entertained before the games consoles, Facebook, tablets, Snapchat, Twitter and the iPod?

Did we have no fun back in the day and wasnít entertainment cheap, easy and free from viruses, crashes and mobile phone chargers?

Family sing-a-longs to cassette tapes in the car on the way to the holiday home or a game of spot the Eddie Stobbart trucks provided hours of entertainment.

Are the kids and grandkids of today missing out on the simpler, inexpensive forms of entertainment from a bygone era?  Can we perhaps introduce them to family games where participation and communication are key?

There are still some old-fashioned games or entertainment that can be played with your family on your caravan park when you take the kids or grandkids (or just for yourselves) to your holiday home.

Monopoly, Scrabble, Cluedo to name but a few of the classics that can be enjoyed by a wide age group.  Simple playing cards, dominoes or even charades can provide hours of fun indoors or outdoors

Outside games do need some supervision or refereeing. Ball games are good fun for adults and children but remember to check any parkís rules and regulations and donít let the children play around anybody elseís caravan, not just to reduce the risk of damage but to respect the ownerís privacy too.

The weather is showing signs of summers approach and it wonít be long till the school holidays, so maybe there are a few nostalgic lessons that the kids could learn whilst creating their own holiday home memories for future generations.¬† Give it a try, who knows you may just turn out to be a game changer!

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