All Decked Out?

Timber decking looks nice but requires regular maintenance in

order to keep it looking good. The deck boards can become

slippery when wet.  Regular jet washing may help.  There are

some products on the market which can be applied directly to

the boards to decrease the slip potential.


If you simply want to enjoy your verandha without the up-keep

of wood, then consider investing in low maintenance decking

and skirting


Let your imagination create the perfect accompaniment for your holiday home, allowing you to enjoy your leisure time to the full. 

Sundecks are:


         Low maintenance

         Weather resistant

         Slip resistant

         Environmentally friendly

         Very durable

         Low noise

         Beautifully aesthetic

Evabel Ltd supply and install Mayfield sundecks in the North of England, North Wales, Merseyside, Wirral, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Shropshire, Derbyshire and Cumbria. 

Sundeck alternatives are available in the market place but few have either the history, experience or the quality that Mayfield can offer. 

They have decking prices to meet all budgets and whilst they dont offer cheap decking, they do offer quality and value for money.

Evabels policy is to be as environmentally sustainable as possible and most of the waste product is recycled.

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