BSS? USB? from ABI? ......OMG!

Ahead Of The Curve

At ABI, we always do our very best to stay ahead of the competition to ensure your time at your holiday home is the very best it can be. This means each year, we sit down and look at how best to improve on our previous year’s collection.

Of all the new features and finishing touches we’re introducing to the 2016 Collection, we’re particularly excited to announce two new additions to the 2016 collection – Bluetooth Sound Systems and USB charging sockets!

The new integrated Bluetooth Sound System will be an optional addition to all new ABIs from 2016, and features a state of the art wall panel from which you control the music playing through the flush ceiling mounted speakers at the touch of a button.

And, all models from The Blenheim and up will include USB charging sockets in each bedroom as standard – so you can leave your spare charging plugs at home!

In addition, all models from The Blenheim and up will feature shaving sockets in the bedroom;  and the ultimate in luxury sleeping, ‘Exclusive’ specially made pocket sprung mattresses, can now be added to models from The Harewood and up.

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