The Buying Process

Some people are confused where to start when buying a caravan holiday home and how to start the process.  Basically you have 3 choices to make:  Which caravan do I want?  Where do I want it to be based?  On which plot do I want it to be sited?


Which caravan?

Visit the local holiday caravan distributor in the area of your choice, where you will find a wide range of new caravan holiday on display.  Then you will be able to find the style and size of caravan holiday home you prefer and that suits your budget.  The distributor will also be able to give you details of parks in that particular region, along with an idea of the initial costs.


Which Park?

Having been to the distributor you will be armed with a lot of brochures, leaflets guides and maps for the parks in your region for you to view.  At this stage it is not necessary to make an appointment with the parks as they are open for viewing most days and an initial viewing will make it clear whether or not it meets your requirements.  Once you have made your decision, then you will meet someone from the park who will talk through the park rules and agreements as well as providing rental fees and any other associated charges.


Which plot?

Having settled on the park, you then choose the plot from those which are vacant.  In some cases, the plot may not accommodate the size of caravan you have chosen and another trip to the distributor may be necessary to find an alternative option at the right size.  At this point a final price will be reached and a deposit is paid.   The distributor and the park will have a close relationship and it depends on different parks whether you purchase through the park or the distributor.


...and then?


The distributor, in conjunction with the park, will arrange the delivery, siting and connection of your holiday home and ensure that it is commissioned by qualified engineers.  A post delivery inspection and valet will complete the finishing touches, all you have to do is pay any outstanding balance and open the door to a whole new lifestyle.

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